5 Printing Tips for Saving Money

If you print heavily, share your computer and printer, or have children who print colorful webpages, you probably find yourself needing to replace ink cartridges frequently. Not only are these cartridges expensive, but an estimated 300 million ink cartridges wind up in landfills annually.

There are several things you can do to keep money in your pocket and lessen the landfill load when it comes to ink cartridges.

1. Choose remanufactured ink:

Luckily, Cartridge World will remanufacture them for you! During printing, streaking is an indicator that the cartridge is running out of ink. This is the perfect time for a refill, as the cartridge should be filled before it runs dry.

2. Recycle empty cartridges:

Cartridge World stores facilitate the recycling of ink cartridges. Don’t trash them; recycle.

3. Print in draft mode:

Check out the owner’s manual for your printer to learn how to print drafts and unimportant documents in draft mode. (If you can’t find your manual, visit the brand’s website. They often have PDF versions online.) Printing in this mode uses less ink.

4. Print Preview:

By simply previewing your document before printing, you can catch formatting errors and typos that will eliminate the need to reprint documents later.

5. Printing limits:

If unsupervised, most kids will make endless prints from their favorite sites. Set a clear limit on the number of pages your children are allowed to print each day.

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